Building Networks; Growing Farmers 

Farmer Networks are an innovative way for farmers to connect. When farmers engage in networks, some benefits include stronger community, resource sharing, peer-to-peer discussion, and mentoring opportunities.​

Incubating Small Businesses One Farmer at a Time 

Farm Development Centers are spaces for new and beginning farmers to farm without investing in high startup costs such as land and equipment.  They provide opportunities for farmers share knowledge with each other, market cooperatively, and begin a business with less risk. 

Farm Food Safety; Teaching Safe Practices 

MIFFS works with partners to build a safer food value chain. We provide workshops and resources that connect farmers to MI GroupGAP and other food safety programs locally and nationally. 

Bringing Us All to the Table; Our Signature and New Events
Join us at our next event supporting the many faces of farming!

Michigan Family Farm Conference

Meet the Buyer

Farm to Table Dinner


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